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Avril Whitney

Avril grew up in her mother’s book store, Through the Looking Glass, surrounded by a world of stories and beauty. She was inspired by the love of reading and dreamed of having a store of her very own.

She got older, had two children and created a successful business running a daycare, but when her path led her to North Vancouver she returned to her vision of starting a children’s book and toy store. Now that dream has become a reality.


Forest Fairy Books and Toys is the result of her creativity and hard work. It is an oasis of beauty, wonder and community for everyone to enjoy. Avril has also woven another one of her passions into the business by selling her original art work.  

Hannah Whitney

Hannah is Avril’s daughter. She grew up watching her mother create environments where people felt safe and happy. Now that she is grown up, she wants to do the same. When the opportunity to start Forest Fairy Books and Toys came along it was clear that it would be a family business.

Hannah is a birth and postpartum doula by trade. She supports people during their most personal family experiences. Because of this she knows just how important community really is. She brings this perspective to the creation of the store and wants to give people an experience of peace in our busy world.


Avril brings creativity and fun while Hannah is the balance with structure and focus. Together, this mother daughter team have created something amazing. 

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